After several years of working with 3d world studio, Dark basic, (pity they stopped), GameGuru, (FPSC Pacs…), testing several engines like CryEngine (very good), Leadwerks, also Unity, i think Unity is a very good tool to realize what i like, i mean a nice game but not only, 3d presentations and many other things. I worked with L3DT pro, making very nice terrains for my applications. I’m a WOT fun, and i started played sice 2013 until now. It’s true for a professional game you need a big team of specialists in IT, i mean C++,programmers, web artists, so on, but at a smaller level, for me it’s a realpleasure to build a new virtual world and to animate my characters. This site is mainly to support and develop the game Tanks Division, to create and show several levels, learning by do it. Offcourse if somebody want to help….at the beginning as a volunteer…..anybody it’s welcome. In time, we can do a great job, and who known….the future can be very friendly..